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Accounting and Taxes

are our specialty!

We are a professional consulting and accounting office that offers its clients comprehensive accounting and tax services. We work with both large and small companies with the same commitment, helping them to meet all necessary accounting and tax requirements.

The main goal that guides the experts of Dom Doradztwa Biznesowego Progres is to provide your entities with all possible benefits of internal service. The accounting services provided by our team will enrich your company’s environment with effective processes, as well as a reliable control.

What is most important – accounting outsourcing will allow you to focus on your company’s key business goals.

Dom Doradztwa Biznesowego Progres Sp. z o.o.
ul. M. Miechowity 1
51-162 Wrocław
We are effective and reliable, and as professionals in our field we are happy to help our clients in accounting and taxes. With the same enthusiasm, we cooperate with both large enterprises and small companies, and all of them - thanks to our continuous support - can focus on development of their businesses.
Numbers have no secrets for us

Professional in everything we do

We know our business

Our services contain:

  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • services in the field of VAT and IPT taxes
  • tax reporting
  • human resources and payroll services.

In terms of accounting, we provide our clients with:

  • keeping the general ledger and auxiliary books
  • closing the general ledger / booking transactions in the general ledger
  • employee benefits and expenses
  • servicing of liabilities and receivables
  • making payments to suppliers
  • services related to finance and banking
  • stocktaking
  • fixed assets (tangible and intangible)
  • leasing, loans and finances
  • management reports (profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow)
  • submitting VAT / GST declarations.