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The openness of the Capital Group to new technologies has become a strong incentive to invest in innovative inventiveness. Hence, in the second half of 2014, Thermic Shell, the manufacturer of the FireFly luminous bar, appeared in our portfolio.

    Intense light with minimal energy consumption guarantees the original effect. What is important – it generates very low costs.
  • 12V
    Low energy consumption of FireFly cubes guarantees not only great savings in electricity expenditure, but also greater safety of the whole installation.
  • Up to 12t load
    The extremely high resistance of FireFly cubes extends the range of their potential applications and offers great flexibility of placement.
Thermic Shell Sp. z o.o.
ul. M. Miechowity 1
51-162 Wrocław, Poland

NIP: 899-275-95-01
KRS: 0000524877

Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia Fabrycznej
we Wrocławiu VI Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
Impressive look combined with functionality, durability, simple installation and considerable savings make the FireFly cube a product desired by both developers and individual customers.
FireFly cube has conquered the market

FireFly in your house

Outstanding effect at your fingertips
  • IP67-level dust and water resistance
    Our cubes are almost as resistant to usage conditions as standard concrete blocks. They were designed in accordance with the water and dust protection standard IP 67.
  • Simple installation
    The shape, dimensions and wiring of FireFly cubes have been designed for the best possible comfort and efficiency of installation and maintenance.
  • 2 years warranty
    We want to ensure our clients that FireFly will work reliably and as expected. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled product and comfort of use.