Brand with a long tradition

We create and popularize market trends

ASPA Electro continues the long-standing tradition of the Łucznik sewing machines. Our brand is featured by 100% Polish capital, as well as the unchanging quality and durability of the offered products. We rely on the technical knowledge of the employees of the former Łucznik Sewing Machine Factory, as well as the latest technologies. Our recipe for success is respect for tradition and openness to modern solutions.

Today, half of the sewing machines purchased in Poland have the legendary “Łucznik” logo. Our products are available not only in the nine largest retail chains in Poland and specialist stores, but also on-line.

However, ASPA Electro is more than just professional equipment. It is a company that shapes and sets the current trends and popularizes the art of sewing.

Our blog “Recipe For Sewing” is a collection of practical tips and instructions for all enthusiasts of embroidery, hemming, knitting, reworking and creating new designs. We also support enthusiasts by organizing a competition for the Top Sewing Blog of the Year.

ASPA Electro Sp. z o.o.
ul. M. Miechowity 1
51-162 Wrocław, Poland

NIP: 896-000-02-04
KRS: 895-187-00-64

Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia Fabrycznej
we Wrocławiu VI Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
Wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 350 000 zł
In 1954 the first machines featured with the now legendary “Łucznik” logo are introduced to Polish homes. Modern solutions applied in the first models of our machines have revolutionized not only the process itself, but also the general approach to sewing.
A leader on the sewing machines market

More than sewing

We actively support charity events

We believe that sewing is not only passion – it is also an activity that can be socially useful. That is why we participate e.g. in charity actions related to the sewing of mascots and pillows, as well as various initiatives related to sewing lessons for people with disabilities.

The long history of the brand and its revival after the acquisition by the ASPA Group show that Polish roots are of great importance in the customer’s opinion and are often emphasized as decisive in the product selection process.

Wanting to develop our brand and meet the expectations of customers, we enriched our product line. In addition to sewing machines we also offer small household appliances, such as kettles, scales, juicers or slicers. ASPA Electro is Polish equipment in the Polish home.

The History of Łucznik