Combined Experiences

Together we can do more

Twenty-year cooperation between the largest producers of welders in Central and Eastern Europe, the Polish company ASPA Zgrzewanie and the Czech company JESVA, resulted in a fusion at the highest level. In 2017, our two tried-and-tested brands have joined forces and potentials. In the past, both brands have gained rich experience by providing high quality equipment, especially for the automotive industry. Today, they are a part of one capital group – ASPA GROUP – continuing operations in their natural markets.

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Combined forces, competences and expert knowledge are the guarantee of the highest quality of our products. Many years of presence on the market, as well as good knowledge of the market, allow us to provide you with modern and high-performance solutions in the field of metal welding.
We know what we do

On the Market For More Than 100 Years

Family company with traditions

The JESVA brand has existed on the Czech market since 1905. From the very beginning it has been associated with the specialist bonding of metals. In the 1960s JESVA expanded its offer by welding.

From the moment of creation the brand was associated with the Jeżków family. In the long history, however, there was a break caused by its nationalization in 1947. At that time, the name was changed to ZEZ Horice. The company operated under this banner until 1995, when grandsons of JESVA founder became the owners of the company and continued their activity until the moment of joining forces with a proven Polish partner, which – as we have already mentioned – took place in 2017.

Guarantee of the Best Quality

We offer proven solutions

Many years of experience and good market knowledge allow us to offer our clients modern and high-performance solutions in the field of metal welding. Our portfolio includes:

  • point machines
  • hump machines
  • butt machines
  • linear machines

Our great advantage is professionalism. We specialize in solving customer problems, providing them with solutions suited to their needs and requirements.